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Regenerative medicine will change the world

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RBC Project

Our company is a bio venture company that agrees with the idea of the Japan Regeneration Medicine Association and has a tie-up relationship.

In Japan's regenerative medicine, according to legitimate procedures, we are starting to provide stem cell therapy in various medical institutions including the Yusikai,
a member of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine.
In addition to diabetes and liver dysfunction, treatment was performed on immunological diseases, and results such as partial remission (symptomatic improvement state),
complete remission (symptoms disappeared and examination numerical values also indicate normal),
and results such as progress stop has been obtained, and it has proved to be highly effective.

This result shows that we can spread the stem cell therapy in earnest and hope that many patients will receive treatment for diseases
that have been difficult to treat until now. At the same time, development of stem cell treatment technology will be further advanced using AI technology.
In addition, we will promote the development of new drugs to obtain approval for medicines.
This time, we will spread cutting-edge stem cell therapy technology to the world and conduct RBC project to become a new standard of medical care.

By using the RBC project to optimize treatment costs, we also use block chain technology to protect customer information with a high security level,
and connect medical institutions offering stem cell therapy to patients who wish to treat this treatment.

It is a project that combines cutting-edge stem cell therapy and cutting-edge block-chain technology.

What is stem cell therapy

In modern times medical care has advanced highly. However, on the other hand, lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, obesity and hyperlipemia continue to increase.

These diseases were difficult to treat completely and the ' Symptomatic treatment ' was the main focus.
However, the future era is not going to cure after getting sick, but "prevention medicine"
which prevents in advance and makes a healthy life expectancy is changing to the center world.
This RBC project is a cutting-edge treatment in the field of "stem cell regeneration therapy".

Now, regenerative medicine is the most noteworthy field in the medical industry, and continues to advance and develop rapidly, and new results around the world are picked up every day.
Regenerative medicine is a way of treating cells and tissues and will open up a new path to treatment for diseases that have been difficult to treat until now.

What is Rebirth coin?

We will extend the clinic to the world that can receive stem cell therapy by raised funds.

Aim to be a world that can receive cutting-edge treatment at a lower price by making it a unique token.

By making it a unique token, we can keep customer data with high security,
also, by optimizing the treatment method from within the data, we aim to optimize the treatment price.

It is a revolutionary and state-of-the-art technology for patients and healthy people worldwide,
we aim to disseminate information on stem cell therapy technology, provide treatment, and disseminate its technical contents.
Development of new medical technology using artificial intelligence technology,by incorporating ideas of technologies from various countries

We commercialized them as multiple medical packages and advanced medical treatment that has not yet been approved for insurance
We will be able to disseminate and offer to a wide range of people.

It is a reality that there are countries where the statutory currency is unstable due to political circumstances,
or countries where it is difficult to put the currency out of the country.

By buying a token, I expect that you can enjoy the state-of-the-art treatment technology freely and easily across the borders.

Contribution by RBC project

  1. 1. Enhancement and globalization of domestic clinics and culture facilities

    Stem cell therapy can expect various effects including anti-aging and diabetes.This treatment can be expected to have a variety of effects,including anti-aging and diabetes.

    Although stem cell therapy is currently attracting worldwide attention.

    it is the only five countries in the world that can perform stem cell therapy in the United States, Germany ,Switzerland, Russia (government agencies) and Japan.

    Companies and organizations that introduce Chinese patients to overseas hospitals are born. In partnership with Chinese Travel company, stem Cell Therapy's inbound service to Japan, centering on the Yushikai, which is the only clinic in Japan that can perform regenerative medicine for the purpose of diabetes treatment, starts.

  2. 2.Optimize cost of stem cell therapy by expanding business

    Stem cell therapy is a new treatment that can be expected to be effective for a variety of symptoms. However, one-time treatment is a high-millions-tens treatment. Therefore,
    it is the present situation that the person who can receive this treatment is limited By conducting research and clinical studies of therapeutic formulations utilizing stem cells and distributing them,
    we aim to "optimize the cost of stem cell therapy and become a pharmaceutical".

    The project aims to deliver the regenerative medicine to many people, to achieve the optimal cost of treatment.

  3. 3.Optimization of stem cell therapy using block chain technology, client support and AI

    By using block chain technology, we prevent leakage of client information and enhance support after treatment.
    In addition, we aim to establish the best stem cell therapy for the symptoms by using AI technology for the accumulation of data by many treatments.

  4. 4.Build a platform to purchase health food and cosmetics

    Based on the user's own medical data, we propose a supplement, household medical equipment, cosmetics, health food, and food materials to the user,
    using big data such as diet and exercise that are accumulated on a daily basis.

Project Schedule / Roadmap

  • Phase 01 20%Bonus

  • Phase 02 10%Bonus

  • Phase 03 5%Bonus

  • 2018 December Distribution of tokens

  • 2018

    • Stabilization of the management of medical institutions
    • Partnering with stem cell clinics for beauty
    • Partnering with stem cell clinics for immune diseases
    • Partnering with stem cell clinics for skin diseases
    • Spread of payment system
    • Development of original Wallet
  • 2019

    • Development of Japan and Asian city Clinic
    • Increase in culture facilities
  • 2020

  • 2021

    • PC CSS Development (Note 1)
    • Development of EC site platform
    • Development and implementation of health promotion applications

    PC:Private Chain
    CSS:Client Support System

  • 2022

  • 2023

    • EC Site Platform implementation
    • Wearable development
  • 2024

    • Wearable implementation
    • CSS Implementation
  • 2025

※Token sale out issuance limit Upper limit of 60,000 RBC is sold out, the token sale will end at that point
※The contents of the schedule may change depending on the progress of the project.
※Bonus content will be held for 6 months after distribution.
※ For team reservations, we will lock you for one year after the sale ends.